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Thursday, 27th July 2017

About Pause


Using the PAUSE learning resources will develop student understanding and ability to prescribe antibiotics. The aim of the project is to provide educational resources that standardises teaching and assessment of antimicrobial prescribing and enables the resources to be used flexibly across medical schools and healthcare professions. The structured preparation required of the students is a key to success. The preparation is structured to support the retrieval of the essential relevant knowledge from the students' prior learning.


Using Pause

How you use the materials available on this site will depend on many issues including your curriculum, available teaching resources, level of experience of students and timetabling. The materials have therefore been designed to be used flexibly. However we recommend that you follow the educational structure of student preparation, interaction and reinforcement.

A Working Example Week

The following timetable outlines the resource aims and task requirements as a guide for each day during a one week allocation.

A Working Example

Getting Going

The following outlines an example of how the Pause materials could be used.

Step 1
Familiarise yourself with the materials you wish to use.

Step 2
Prepare a support materials reference pack and a student pack. Each student pack contains:

Materials Explained

The resources are based around four main components:

In additional there are a variety of support materials, references and suggested protocols.

Components Explained

As outlined in the instructions the resource is based around four main components


Welcome to the Prudent Antibiotic User (PAUSE) web site of shared standardized teaching materials for prudent antimicrobial prescribing for use in the undergraduate medical curriculum.