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Thursday, 27th July 2017


Individuals and groups from Edinburgh, Glagsow, Aberdeen, Dundee, St Andrews, Nottingham, Gloucester, Belfast, Southampton, Birmingham, Wales, Coventry and Warwick have contributed to the materials on the PAUSE site. These include:

Dr Lorraine A Paterson Davenport
Lecturer in Medical Education, Dundee

Dr Jean Ker
Director of Clinical Skills Centre, Dundee

Professor Peter Davey
Professor of Pharmacoeconimics, Dundee
Scottish Executive Representative

Dr Peter Christie
Scottish Medical Schools Working Group

Dr Ian Gould
University of Aberdeen

Dr Hamish McKenzie
University of Aberdeen

Dr Sandy McKenzie
University of Aberdeen

Dr Simon Guild
University of St Andrews

Dr Gillian Orange
University of Dundee

Dr Philip Welsby
University of Edinburgh

Dr Simon Maxwell
University of Edinburgh

Professor Curtis Gemmell
University of Glasgow

Dr Stephanie Dancer
Health Protection Scotland
BSAC Working Group

Dr Roger Finch
University of Nottingham

Dr Hugh Webb
Royal Hospitals NHS Trust, Belfast

Dr Cliodna McNulty
Health Promotion Agency

Dr Marina Morgan
Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital

Professor Paul Little
University of Southampton

Dr Keith Struthers
Senior Lecturer and
Director of Public Health Laboratory