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Thursday, 27th July 2017


Welcome to the Prudent Antibiotic User (PAUSE) web site of shared standardized teaching materials for prudent antimicrobial prescribing for use in the undergraduate medical curriculum.

PAUSE provides standardised teaching aides for all educators of antibiotic prescribing that are based on the ethos of patient-focused, reflective learning. Resources are designed to enable students to prepare for interactive sessions to compare standard patient vignettes with their own clinical experience. This will enable them to identify any gaps in their own learning and discuss differences in the standards of care provided to patients. This reflective process encourages appropriate decision making with minimal error by reinforcing high standards of practice.

The resource is designed to support tutors by providing all the materials necessary to prepare the students for the interactive sessions.

Prepared materials in relation to structure and content for each interactive session, are available for tutors to use (in a power-point) . These resources include patient histories, clinical signs, investigations, questions on diagnosis, assessing severity, appropriate prescribing, public health issues and patient management. Best practice statements and core resource lists are also available.

In addition we have provided guideline answers to the questions with feedback, including inappropriate responses and the corresponding reasons. These materials can be used whenever it is relevant in your programme.

The materials within this site are for educational purposes and may be shared, reproduced and modified as necessary.