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Thursday, 27th July 2017


Using the PAUSE learning resources will develop student understanding and ability to prescribe antibiotics. The aim of the project is to provide educational resources that standardises teaching and assessment of antimicrobial prescribing and enables the resources to be used flexibly across medical schools and healthcare professions. The structured preparation required of the students is a key to success. The preparation is structured to support the retrieval of the essential relevant knowledge from the students' prior learning. The interactive discussion sessions can then focus on learning prudent antibiotic prescribing through reflective practice. These sessions should develop the students understanding of prescribing issues and encourage transference of knowledge, learning and understanding to clinical practice. Learning to think by comparing and contrasting their own experience of clinical practice with standards of practice will encourage excellence in prescribing. This reflective thinking approach will also help to ensure they check for errors in their prescribing reinforcing standards.