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Thursday, 27th July 2017

Welcome to the Pause Website

The aim of the Pause Website is to ensure that medical practitioners will be prudent prescribers of antibiotics and will promote prudent use of antibiotics in whatever clinical context they are working in.

The objectives of the Pause website are to:

  • Construct a framework of learning outcomes that defines a prudent prescriber.
  • Promote reflective learning to ensure practitioners maintain and develop their expertise in prudent prescribing.
  • Provide flexible web-based learning resources and assessments that will enable undergraduate medical students to achieve clearly defined learning outcomes in prudent prescribing, for their level of expertise.
  • Create a collaborative web-based forum for sharing experience and learning resources between providers of education in the context of prudent prescribing.
  • Provide an exemplary learning platform in prudent antibiotic prescribing for the development of other healthcare professionals.
Why are Antibiotics making us ill??
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